There is a subgenre of independent music called experimental music. Its name applies to something we cannot easily comprehend. Its open and often vague interpretation and understanding of the essence behind it could be the reason why our civilization is struggling with progressing beyond the simple sounds that we can hear on the radio, or in any corner where music speakers are available. We are talking about the kind music capable inducing only one, or two particular emotions, as western people would understand as “entertaining” and describe it as “happy” and “desperate” when referring to the music about romantic heartbreaks.

The experimental, independent music is the opposite of that. It’s music that that is a result of creators who dare to explore, produce, and expose the music regardless of consideration of how the majority of people would be able to relate to it.

It’s music that isn’t intended for commercial success, but rather for artistic expression, exploration and often welcoming for connecting with like-minded individuals in the parallel worlds of internet and existence.

It is the experimentation that is enabling humankind to progress. If Nikola Tesla did not dare to conduct numerous experiments in his life, out of which a vast majority failed, we would not have the world with electricity, internet, and mobile phones, PlayStations, and a lot of other commodities that we take for granted.

People who go far ways are people who dare to fail. It is those people who, because of their curiosity, courage, and thrill of experimentation, discover new things and help others and humankind to advance.

Even though this idea is nothing new, and well known among certain people, it seems like we as a society are still bound only to understand its implications in certain areas — when it comes to technology and innovations. But what about advancement in humans and their emotions?

One of the most underestimated aspects of music, and particularly independent music that produced with the goal of the expression pure and genuine emotion of the creator, it is its secret power of relating to and feeling the creators of the music that went beyond the known territories of sounds and musical constructs. We forget those who went in the exploration of music and themselves beyond reproducing and reusing the formula that creates music that fits the satisfaction of the “happy sound” norms. Valuing and embracing experimentation in music is the foundation that enables us to improve and evolve as human beings.